Think of cybersecurity as the foundation to your business.

You can build something amazing, but if your foundation isn’t secure, you’re at risk of losing everything. We know that the internet can be a scary place and that threats to cybersecurity are constantly evolving. It’s not enough to be just vigilant, you need an IT Service Provider that is proactively seeking out cutting-edge cyber defense technology.

How do you know that you can trust Logic TCG with your business’ security?

It’s simple – we use the same tools, processes, standards, and frameworks for your business as we do internally! We don’t cut corners or costs that could jeopardize the integrity of your team. Let Logic TCG take cybersecurity off of your plate so that you can get back to business, knowing that your foundation is strong and your data is secure.

Protect End User Devices & Systems

We can help establish policies for IT resource usage, security, and escalation that streamlines operations and reduces risk. Prevent the loss of data from both accidental and malicious actions, and establish retention policies to meet industry compliance requirements.

Detect & Respond to Threads

Our advanced software finds and stops hidden threats that sneak past preventive security tools. We protect our customers from even the most persistent footholds, ransomware, and other attacks by focusing on a specific set of attack surfaces, vulnerabilities, and exploits.

Monitor & Educate Staff

We prepare your staff for existing and future threats to your business, including phishing, with best practices and email awareness trainings.

Risk Mitigation & Remediation

Gain a deep understanding of your IT infrastructure from an unbiased authority to increase operational resilience while reducing risk.

95% of all attacks on networks are the result of successful phishing attacks.

According to the SANS Institute. This means that somebody received an email and either clicked a link or opened a file that they were not supposed to.

Our security best practices trainings provide your staff with the knowledge they need to avoid falling
victim to phishing attempts and other ways to gain access to your business’s resources.